RYE is Life – sunny side up. Swimwear that’s distinctly different in design and personality. Optimistic, bold, and vibrant.

The label is the creative endeavour of Alyssa Carter and Bonnie O’Hare. Born from high end labels and a collective love of colour and summer – their aim is to re-ignite individual Australian style, and defy the commercialisation of local industry by building an iconic premium brand that sits on the world stage.

RYE is at heart an optimistic fun loving attitude that’s enigmatic, spontaneous and uniquely Australian. The central theme to the design are unexpected, irreverent combinations that imbue an irresistible summer mood. The signature can be found in custom elastics, combined with high quality Lycras. The two are bound to form a distinctly different design-led swimwear range.

  • descriptionA playful expression of colour